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of a los angeles county deputy, two carjackings, the chase near seattle and then the murder in hercules. >>> san jose safety personnel claim longer response times due to the lack of police officers are putting people's lives in danger. it's a story you will only see on abc7 news. earlier this month police responded to an officer-involved shooting at a caltrain station. hours later they were called to an altercation at a check-cashing business where someone was injured, but no police were available to go. paramedics were there but they had to wait for police to arrive to secure the scene and the victim died. >> it's extremely frustrating. we are trained. from the day we start training we are trained to save lives and help people and to sit there with idle hands is excruciating at times. >> fire regulations dictate crews may not enter a potentially dangerous scene until police declare it secure. >> we're is one of the stranger things you see on roads. we have the latest on moving the space shuttle inch by inch through the street. and it took more than 50 years but now a 93-year-old south
making its way slowly, slowly, to its new home in los angeles at the california science center. the shuttle was supposed to arrive last night by nine. it started rolling about 1:30 this morning, and it's made another eight blocks or so. but it still has about two and a half miles to go. now, there is no single reason, they say, for the delay. it's the accumulation of many small problems along the way. in one case a tree that planners did not think would be in the way had to be cut down. large crowd gathered in one spot where they thought they might hit a light post. >> because it is dark, it's hard to distinguish actual objects from shadows. the surface of the vehicle is incredibly fragile. you can damage a tile just with your thumbnail. so he slowed the pace of the orbiter down to maybe a half-mile an hour, a mile an hour. >> on september 21st the endeavour made a quicker pass over the bay area riding peggy -- piggy back on a specially-equipped boeing 747. >> an east bay community is on alert this weekend after a series of mail thefts. it's happening near cutting boulevard in
for endeavour this morning sitting at its new home at the california science center in los angeles. it got there 17 hours behind schedule sunday after incredible historic and slow journey through the center of the city. work crews chopped down nearly 400 trees to clear the path for endeavour which crawled through los angeles seats at two miles an hour the shuttle will go on display at the center starting october 30th. >>> professor from stanford or ph.d from stanford is being honored for the nobel prize for economics. alvin roth shares the award with lloyd shapley an 89-year-old professor at ucla honored for their studies on the match making that take places whens did are coupled with hospitals or organs with transplant recipients. roth is visiting at stanford he normally teaches at harvard. it is the final award given out this year. congrats. >>> what a new poll is revealing about the race for president. >>> new study revealing impact >>> good monday morning many plenty of dense fog from our east bay into the north bay today later on this afternoon, after 10:00 temperatures begin to climb
onshore winds beaches in the mid 60s inland 87 sacramento, 91 los angeles, it gets hotter in the days to come. >>> nordstrom taking a stand on same-sex marriage. the luxury retailer says it supports the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. the "los angeles times" reports the president of nordstrom sent out a memo to employees yesterday saying the company gave the issue thoughtful consideration and feels it is time to come out in support of same-sex marriage. nordstrom is based in seattle, has several locations across the bay area. >>> mountain view officials will weigh in today on controversial fast food chain chick-fil-a's application to open a new restaurant the council will hear two zoning appeals aimed at keeping the chain out of the city. backers say their efforts have nothing to do with chick-fil-a's support of anti-gay groups but rather land use issues. meeting starting tonight 6:30 city hall. >>> new study warns normal vaccines are not enough to protect us from the flu virus. injectable vaccines offered less profession for children and elderly. doctors warn the new study shou
on price matching an -- as well. >>> crime rates in los angeles this past weekend the lowness months the police chief says the journey of the endeavour may have played a role, one million watched the shuttle as it crept along a 12 mile course from l.a.x. to the science center the chief says the it may have contributed to the calm times that fell obvious the city. >>> your voice, your vote, president obama and mitt romney square off in their second presidential debate. >> we go live to long island for a live report. >>> good morning. temperatures cooler this morning 58° downtown across the bay, also 58, after san jose light winds mechanism high pressure build to the north and east of us is what will bring a veryay, 70s coast, low to mi 90s inland. >>> 6:14. president obama and mitt romney squared off again in their second presidential debate at times the discussion turned contentious. t.j. winick joins us live from new york with a look at some of the night's heated moments. >> reporter: good morning. many on both sides call this a great debate. the stakes could not have been higher t
. change on the embarcadero, sue will have more about the san mateo bridge closure. >> why los angeles police are investigating a dozen unsolved murders that may be linked to charles manson and his followers. we'll be right back. >>> check out this jet stream and rain to our north some could dip down to the northern sections of the state today helping influence that onshore breeze we are developing now the reason it is cloudy the reason we are going to drop 10 to 20° today. 60s in most areas a few 70s southern part of the bay more sunshine there north bay and east bay valleys temperatures continue to cool with more sunshine tomorrow, clouds on the increase sunday wet weather possible monday. >>> good morning. we head out to westbound highway 4 new accident with motorcycle lane three westbound at bailey typically slow out of antioch as you approach the scene into pittsburg just under 25 minutes into the concord area. westbound 580 at vass bow accident in the median, new accident reported 580/680 junction under 30 minutes there stall 101 in the city at vermont. >>> 6:third nine. los ang
the central valley. yosemite and big sur. low to mid-80s around los angeles and 88 in los angeles. if you are heading up to tahoe, cold enough in the morning hours in the 20s but in the 50s and 60s in the afternoon. we want to take you to miami and show you the latest, seas that are churning up from hurricane sandy about five to seven feet. rip currents will be a big concern along the eastern seaboard. i'll have latest details in a few minutes. >> eric: i'm sure you are wondering what is coming up on "good morning america" after our show. joining us live from new york to fill us in. she has what is coming up on gma. >> the furor over school bus drivers making high risk moves with young lives on board. they are racking up hundreds of dangerous violations, speeding and running red lights. we'll have much more on this story. that is next on gma. >> kristen: president obama plans to spend much of the day at the white house after completing a campaign blitz. he was cleveland yesterday talking about the jobs that were saved by government funding that helped resurrect the auto industry. meanwhil
the -- the president spoke at the nokia theater in los angeles. he says he marvels at how performers perform flawlessly night after night but cannot say the same for himself poking fun at his performance in last week's debate. >>> you don't have to wait until november to vet early voting in california starts today by law vote by mail begins 29 days before the election you can go to your y elections office and cast bail lot today is columbus day that means some officials will be closed. >>> treat week wraps up today with tours of ships from the navy, coast guard and royal canadian navy. they start 9:00 this morning, will likely draw big crowds until they close 4:00 this afternoon. weekend performances by the blue angels, and other events drew massive crowds to san francisco, bart ridership hit record highs. saturday well over 2319,000 -- well over 319,000 riding bart. >>> we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. dow starting off, off 44 points. >>> relief could be on the way for sky high gas prices. >>> 57° this morning warming to 63° by the time those big gourds some may
the weather across the state. near record high today tahoe 80, mid to upper 90s yosemite, chico, los angeles 100 around fresno and sacramento big sur sunshine 85 today, eight -- eight three san diego, 109 in palm springs. would you like to win $49,000? abc 7 is about to make someone $49,000 richer go to and like us click the win $49,000 button to enter we'll announce the winner october 18th. if you already like us, you still have say chance go to facebook page and click that button. that will take you right to the page where you can enter. good luck. >>> too bad we can't enter, good luck to you. >> we are not eligible neither is josh elliot but he has what is coming up on "good morning america". >> too bad josh. you are all about truthness this morning many >> lots of truthness. what a morning, first lots to get to a story that you have been detailing as well over the past week or so american airlines once again now on the offensive reports of yet another plane having rows of seats come loose, third report in less than a week what is behind it? also, video you might not
narrow range, low 90s fresno, upper 70s in los angeles. pretty nice day, what you see you have to get used to for the next several days much of our weather unchanged with marine layer coming back into play. what would you do with $49,000? win big with abc7 and find out we are giving away $49,000 all of our facebook fans are eligible. go to facebook page and then you just click on the $49,000 button and that will take out to page where you fill out the entry winter we announce the winner after october 18th, after the 49ers game. we can't win but someone is going to win. >> how much was it again? >> $49,000. >> just wanted to make sure. >>> someone else who can win but always such a good sport is josh elliot who joins us with what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning josh. >>> i feel like a winner in my heart. i'm a winner in spirit. >> aw work! >> $49,000 witcher in spirit, every morning i join you guys. i will not be -- i will not be $49,000 richer for real, i want you to know it is cold comfort coming from the bay area today. also of all the teams to end my
in the northern sierra. and upper 70s in los angeles today. so here is the track. it will continue to just spin over the next several days. that leaves us with clouds and sun over the weekend. but into monday notice higher elevations could pick up a few sprinkles, but by tuesday looks like it will parallel the coast and head into southern california. golden gate park for the blue grass festival looking at low 60s from 1:00 through the 4:00 hour. that's usually when we peak for high temperatures. it should be rather cool but pleasant out there. look at the mild numbers. from san francisco, half moon bay, this time of year with the marine layer applications out, it should be mild along the coast. mid-70s returning to the livermore valley. 73 in gilroy. boy, remember tonight we will -- well, this afternoon we have the blue angels with mid-60s with some sunshine. so a beautiful afternoon in the city. getting ahead of myself because we are all excited about that giants game. >> yes. >> it will feature the 60s and then 50s. looking at a few degrees of cooling with a few clouds and chance of sprinkles
neighborhood in los angeles. more than 100 firefighters responded. part of the roof collapsed there forcing firefighters to retreat and some of them suffered minor injuries. crews got the upper hand on the flames after 11:30 last night, no word on the cause. >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on-the-job despite his conviction in a domestic violence case involving his wife. seven out of 11 supervisors voted to upheld the ethics commission finding of official misconduct and remove mirkarimi from office but that was not enough his removal would have required nine votes. he said they look forward to getting their lives back together. katie marzullo will have reaction from all sides in the next half hour way >>> hopes for another bay bridge world series between a's and giants live on. both teams set to play again today after staving off elimination in their series. terry mcsweeney is live at the coliseum with the fan frenzy. it was looking bleak but they hung on. >> reporter: they did hang on. tigers came to town with brahms out hoping for a sweep of the a's. fans and team took tho
california we said streets here's a live lack from los angeles overnight the shuttle started complicated and slow move from l.a.x. to the california science center, a distans -- a distance of 12 miles but the shuttle is moving two miles per hour. city streets have to be closed. they've had to cut down trees and remove some power lines to make way for the huge space shuttle so at two miles an hour the trip is expected to take two days. >> your voice, your vote. vice president biden and paul ryan will be back on the campaign trail this morning after a testy exchange in their only debate. who won? overnight yahoo poll of more than 130,000 may have the best answer of all, 50/50. the debate sparked a few fireworks both delivered stark differences on domestic and foreign policy, including how to fix the economy. >> it is about time they take some responsibility here. instead of signing pledges to grover norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they should be signing a saying to the middle class we are going to level the playing field. >> did the
a look at southern california with 90 in los angeles. but still feeling autumn-like with the cool start. upper 20s in the sierra nevada this morning. low 60s in the afternoon. how about 74 today in oakland? 78 in fremont with some 80s toward livermore. 76 san jose. we've got mid-70s down toward palo alto and redwood city with upper 60s santa rosa. 66 half moon bay. but how about 77 for santa cruz? we are talking 9 in hollister. of course, out in detroit it's very cool conditions with temperatures just in the low 40s. a few clouds. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a lot of halloween events going on. yesterday wood city, boo at the zoo and the weather is gorgeous today, tomorrow. it should be just as nice and then sun and cloud mix with the return to a sea breeze on monday. rain perhaps late tuesday. wednesday it looks like it's favoring the north bay and maybe some showers thursday and friday. so, you know, you can have it all. you have a gorgeous weekend. some rain for the trick-or-treaters. >> they will get over it. they still get a lot of candy. all right. we are joined from new yo
, if you are traveling anywhere else, dry with 82 fresno, low 70s los angeles and san diego 60 tahoe. >>> >> 6:44. traying underway on wall street after superstorm sandy forced -- investors to stay home for to days. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. how is the mood? >>> good morning. we are higher here on wall street today we just had opening bell 15 minutes or so ago you can tell me are still not up and running but we are positive and what appears a smooth opening bell here today, all 30 dow stocks trading expected to be heavy beginning of trading as we were closed for two days so we had built-up demand for trades. also the end of the month typically busy. the dow at the moment up by 60 to points, nasdaq a little lower. bloomberg index trading down about 1%. investors still in waiting mode many monthly jobs report supposed to come out friday labor department intends to issue that report friday on time the last before the presidential election. a lot of interest in those numbers. hurricane sandy bad for many, good for netflix the company saw a huge jump net
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15